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A day with purpose for UAE Students who planted trees at Landfill led by SynergY Simran Vedvyas


Celebrating the Earth Week 2013 in UAE, SynergY Youth Group after months of thoughtful planning and preparation successfully organized a Plant-for–the-Planet Academy at The Address Dubai Marina Hotel.

Plant-for-the-Planet is a global children’s initiative through which children generate awareness among other children by enlightening them about climate crisis and environmental protection urging them to take action by planting more and more trees.   It is also an endeavor of the children to sensitize the adults while they talk; by saying: “Stop talking. Start planting.”

Youth and Children from more than 15 schools and institutions from Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi conducted the day-long event spread over 3 venues which included a Landfill Location at Dubai Municipality in Jebel Ali and Super Galvanizing Jebel Ali where they planted a total of 120 trees.  The Academy event venue The Address Dubai Marina gave the young generation a celebrated chance to synergize their potential by indulging in planting trees, learning about climate change, team-building, aspiring and planning to move forward in days to come for contributing in shaping the Green Economy initiative of Dubai, UAE.

The Full day Academy was inspiring and interesting and the event became livelier during the Grand Finale as SynergY members and  participants’ along with the supporters and invited guests went drumming freely and  believing that the world needs – ‘Unity though Rhythm’, supported by Dubai Drums (   The event concluded after scores of Climate Justice Ambassadors were awarded their Certificates endorsed by UNEP, Plant-for-the-Planet and SynergY.

I Simran Vedvyas, as the Founder and Chairperson of SynergY  am very happy fulfill a dream ‘to conduct a successful Plant- for-the-Planet Academy of this big magnitude’.  Planting Trees is the ultimate and definitive joy and we are happy to join the powerful global family and enter our count of trees through the tree counter at Plant-for-the-planet.  

Also happy and proud to represent the Global Youth Board Plant-for-the-Planet 2013-2014 (wef 1st July 2013)                     












SynergY youth group in UAE is Planting Trees and Reaping Happiness

SynergY is the promising name, bonding and bringing together many like-minded students from across UAE who are aspiring and planning to move forward in days to come for contributing as youth to shape the Green Economy initiative of Dubai.  

Facts reveal that nearly 50% of the total world population classifies as youth today.  Determined to be the voice of youth who believe “to act now”, “to move forward together” and “above all to deliver the vision for a just and sustainable future”, I as the founder of SynergY; am exhilarated to see eco conscious brand like Timberland support this initiative, as we continue to plant 55 more trees at Worldwide Auctioneers Ltd compound in Jebel Ali.   Prior to this, during Earth Week 2013, SynergY had successfully organized a Plant-for–the-Planet Academy in Dubai where 85 students from across 18 schools of UAE planted 120 trees near a landfill supported by Dubai Municipality.  We planned and arranged a special watering pipeline using recycled waste water for maintaining the trees.  The newly formed Climate Justice Ambassadors by Plant-for-the-Planet, UNEP and SynergY endorsed their deeper assurance by participating in this event and the toll ascended to 175 trees planted within a week.

55 Trees planted is the project initiated by SynergY, uniting us to be Earth-keepers with Timberland for whom GREEN expands as ‘Grassroots, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, Engagement, Education and Neutral impact on environment’.  With us today WWA’s Middle East Auction center which is a huge 100,000 square meter lot inside the Jebel Ali free Trade Zone, eagerly awaits to see the planted trees grow and breeze to soften the rough concrete view that existed before the planting and the water sprinklers shower them regularly.



A Noble Initiative unites many Youth and Children in UAE

A Noble Initiative unites many Youth and Children in UAE.

A Noble Initiative unites many Youth and Children in UAE

Digging, Planting, Learning during UAE National Environment Week 2013  

SynergY celebrates UAE National Environment Week 2013 by planting trees at TADWEER

Dubai, UAE, February 2nd 2013

Socially Yearning Network for Environment, Reach-out, Growth Youth, a group of young students from various institutions across U.A.E. have been working with the sole purpose to support various environment and sustainable future trepidation.

SynergY is the initiative started by none other than Simran Vedvyas –a Youth Activist from UAE, who has been actively promoting the need to act now by convening, converging and collaborating since over a year now. Twice the Winner of Hamdan Awards for Distinguished Academic Performance in 2012 and 2009 and also twice winner of Sharjah Educational Award for Excellence 2012 and 2008.  Simran has shouldered a big responsibility of this noble cause which will inspire and motivate many students to gain a more sustainable society.  Simran believes that this may not be an easy initiative but her efforts will help many students and youth who are talented and have the motivation to make a mark by the work they do.

Simran Vedvyas, the founder of SynergY is also UAE’s youngest Torch Bearer who brought pride to the nation by carrying the London Olympic Torch 2012 reaffirmed the pledge by saying – ‘We youth are the next Champions.  The Challenge today is to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. Each one of us has a responsibility to live peacefully without jeopardizing the natural resources. We need to act now by convening, converging and collaborating’. Simran a student of UAE is well known in the community today for her contribution to environment, societal uplift, education and health support initiatives.

Shored up by Tadweer, the Echo of the Environment and Dubai Municipality, together celebrated the U.A.E. National Environment Day 2013 on Saturday making the best use of their day-off from schools, by planting trees and taking a tour of TADWEER facility; getting a better insight into waste management and pledging to contribute their best by advocating that everyone must adopt an Eco-lifestyle.

Under the patronage of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, every year the country marks the National Environment Day on February 4 to highlight and galvanize public action and awareness about one of the key environmental issues in the UAE.  The National Environment Day supports the spirit of individual and collective initiatives and responsibility among all segments of the society on environmental issues.

Dubai is a leading city that is committed to raise the environmental quality standards by generating initiatives and best practices across the region.  Towards this direction, Tadweer is the first company in the region to pioneer in waste management solution applications for producing alternative fuel and green products and also to support environment leadership.

Touring the factory, the youngsters got an opportunity to see the process of solid waste sorting and recycling, understanding the sorting process and end products.  This event is a testimony of Tadweer’s mission that goes beyond the commercial purposes and aims at creating and establishing a quality environment through educational partnerships and leadership, increasing waste reduction, recycling and resource conservation. Such innovative participation will certainly put UAE on the path of zero waste generation, and will turn solid waste from a burden to a resource and also contribute in reducing carbon foot print.

Reported and Submitted by:

Simran Vedvyas

Founder and Chairperson- SynergY Synergy with 2

If you are interested to join this network, write to





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12.12.12- Once in a Century, Once in My Lifetime

I am very excited and happy to share I did on this special day 12.12.12. 


With some friends of my school in Dubai we drove to Abu Dhabi, Zayed Scout Camp where at around 11 am I planted a tree in my name, thereafter we all engaged in Clean Up UAE drive, and at 12 past 12 in the afternoon we all were engaged in Clean Up the area and gave a message to the world with the kind of risk we are in due to the Environment and Nature degradation.   


At 5.40 pm I was in front of Burj Khalifa “the tallest tower on Earth” answering the question- What do you have?  What do you need? 


It is important because I want the youth today to convene, converge and collaborate and work for the future we all want as I represent the youth from around the world which constitutes a major segment of the total world population and I aspire for change in this world. I believe that the Youth constitute a vibrant and resourceful segment of our society. They are determined to scale greater heights. They are the next Champions.

There can be no greater cause for development consensus; than bringing the needs, rights and expectations of the youth to the centre-stage of development concern. It is our duty to rekindle the imagination of our youth so that the nation surges ahead with added strength and vigor. 


My New Year resolution is – to continue and be the person who can make a difference to simplify the life of others because in my opinion the only thing that has changed the world is Inspiring and determined Individuals.  The Challenge today is to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. Each one of us has a responsibility to live peacefully without jeopardizing the natural resources.

So I had a great day to remember! What did you do? Image

How did you fall in Love with Nature?


How did you fall in love with nature? The Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) is gathering short videos of personal stories describing how people first fell in love with nature. The stories will be shared widely to highlight why we care about nature and take action to protect it, inspiring others. Come to the CEC Booth immediately inside the entrance to the Exhibition Tent between 11-13h, 7-11 Sept to tell and record your love story.  IUCN supporters who are not in Jeju also can submit entries.

Link to the flyer-

Watch this website over the next few days to learn more:

Advised by Dominic Stucker

Posted by Simran Vedvyas


I support International Tiger Day- 29 July Want to see the Tiger Poachers turn to Tiger Protectors


International Tiger Day, also known as Global Tiger Day, is an annual celebration to raise awareness for Tiger conservation, held annually on 29 July. It was created in 2010 at the Saint Petersberg Tiger Summit. The goal of the day is to promote a global system for protecting the natural habitats of tigers and to raise public awareness and support for tiger conservation issues.

Global Tiger Day is July 29, and is celebrated around the world with special ceremonies, youth rallies, and educational activities to help bring the message of tiger conservation to remote villages in the Hukaung Valley in Myanmar all the way to Dhaka, Bangladesh, and even in Washington, DC., Thailand embarks on smarter patrols to better protect the tiger. Four years after the launch of the Global Tiger Initiative, the partnership has taken firm root in the thirteen tiger range country governments and begun to attract interest from outside the traditional conservation community. The World Bank signed two new agreements at GTI’s 4th Anniversary event, Global Tiger Initiative – Outcomes and Challenges.GTRP Implementation Report – 2012.  Several champions of the Global Tiger Initiative, ministers from tiger range countries, and international partners spoke on Tuesday, June 26 at the World Bank and assessed progress on implementing the Global Tiger Recovery Program. The Recovery Program was endorsed 18 months ago in St. Petersburg, and the Global Tiger Initiative will release the first Implementation Report at this meeting: Global Tiger Initiative – Outcomes and Challenges.