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SynergY youth group in UAE is Planting Trees and Reaping Happiness

May 18, 2013

SynergY is the promising name, bonding and bringing together many like-minded students from across UAE who are aspiring and planning to move forward in days to come for contributing as youth to shape the Green Economy initiative of Dubai.  

Facts reveal that nearly 50% of the total world population classifies as youth today.  Determined to be the voice of youth who believe “to act now”, “to move forward together” and “above all to deliver the vision for a just and sustainable future”, I as the founder of SynergY; am exhilarated to see eco conscious brand like Timberland support this initiative, as we continue to plant 55 more trees at Worldwide Auctioneers Ltd compound in Jebel Ali.   Prior to this, during Earth Week 2013, SynergY had successfully organized a Plant-for–the-Planet Academy in Dubai where 85 students from across 18 schools of UAE planted 120 trees near a landfill supported by Dubai Municipality.  We planned and arranged a special watering pipeline using recycled waste water for maintaining the trees.  The newly formed Climate Justice Ambassadors by Plant-for-the-Planet, UNEP and SynergY endorsed their deeper assurance by participating in this event and the toll ascended to 175 trees planted within a week.

55 Trees planted is the project initiated by SynergY, uniting us to be Earth-keepers with Timberland for whom GREEN expands as ‘Grassroots, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, Engagement, Education and Neutral impact on environment’.  With us today WWA’s Middle East Auction center which is a huge 100,000 square meter lot inside the Jebel Ali free Trade Zone, eagerly awaits to see the planted trees grow and breeze to soften the rough concrete view that existed before the planting and the water sprinklers shower them regularly.




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